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Religious Evolution

Religion vs scientific evolution

Posted by Melanie Burns on
Religion vs scientific evolution

Evolution in nature is inconsistent according to Pope Francis. A substantial percentage of adults in America totally disagree with the scientific explanation for human origin. Although most Catholics in U.S accept evolution ideas, a number of religious groups in the U.S argue that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection is wrong since it conflicts with their creation view. May be with a better understanding of the above terminologies one can get the whole idea easily.

What is religion?

Religion is a cultural reality comprised of sacred stories, tradition of practice and sacred places. Religions are diverse and it’s common to identify the ultimate with a deity like Christianity, Judaism and Islam but not all do. Religious understanding draws from traditional authority and also from scientific explanations about the world as a way of knowing how world is like.

What is science and evolution?

Evolution is the process by which species of organism undergo change over a period of time through natural selection. The genetic makeup of organism is traced using fossils or DNA technology. Science is a way of understanding nature and developing explanations for stuctures. Science does not provide proofs but it provides well supported theories which guide future efforts of solving all questions about natural world.

Here are some facts about religion and science.

Minority of Americans accept scientific evolution

A minority of Americans says that human and other living things have evolved over time through natural processes. About 24%  of U.S adults believe that human beings and other creatures evolved through the guidance of a natural being. Survey shows that there are those who do not entirely believe in evolution and argues that humans existed since the beginning of time.

Evangelical protestant rejects evolution

Majority of evangelicals believes that humans existed from the beginning. Only one in ten evangelicals says that humans evolved through natural selection. Church like Southern Baptist Convection rejects evolution as being in conflict with what they see as biblical truth.

A quarter of white Catholics reject evolution

Despite the church acceptance about evolution through natural selection, Hispanic Catholics in US rejects evolution since they believe that humans existed in their present form.

Series of court decision prohibits teaching creationism in public schools

Despite many Americans states efforts to ban the teaching of evolution in public schools court has rejected any curricula that veers away from evolutionary theory.US Supreme Court once ruled that Louisiana law that required students to learn both evolution and creation science was violating the US Constitution prohibition on establishment of religion.

Roman Catholic Church accepts evolutionary theory

Pope Francis was not the first to publicly affirm that evolution is compatible with religious teachings. Pope John Paul II even went deeper by saying that evolution is more than a hypothesis. Most Catholics believes that humans and other living things evolved with time through natural processes.


It’s clearer now that religion and science do not differ much. Religion borrows from science in order to understand life in a better manner. Evolution happens in our day to day life since more species are evolving and our body features are changing.