Human Metasystem Transition (HMST) Theory

NEW PAPER: Human Metasystem Transition (HMST) Theory Human evolution has been a collective, systemic process.  Throughout our history and our maturation the systems we have operated within have generated higher levels of selection, and emergent cultural and technological phenomenon.  In my latest paper I attempt to develop a theory – Human Metasystem Transition (HMST) Theory – […]

Deep Future of Big History

NEW PAPER: Deep Future of Big History: Cultural Evolution, Technoculture, and Omega Civilization The epic of evolution has always set my imagination on fire.  Throughout the 13.8 billion years of cosmic existence an interconnected chain of events has resulted in the generation of culture, technology, language, and mind.  What is the nature of this evolutionary […]

The Creative Universe

Engaging in cultural creativity involves engaging in the process of cultural evolution.  When you propose a new idea, or a new theory, you are not only attempting to improve upon the human knowledge preceding your existence; but you are also attempting to further explore the realms of creativity available to us because we are cultural […]

Did Hobbits Exist?

Transcript: Everyone knows that Lord of the Rings is a work of fiction.  There is no evidence that JRR Tolkien’s elves, wizards, dwarves or orcs ever existed.  But recent discoveries have raised an important question: did hobbits actually exist?   In September 2003 a team of archaeologists led by Peter Brown and Mike Morwood unearthed […]

NASA Study and Civilization Collapse

I was invited to speak on The Morning News late last week to discuss a recent NASA-funded study which suggested our civilization was doomed to collapse within 15 years due to economic inequality and ecological instability.  You have probably heard about this study by now as it has received a considerable amount of press and […]

How Many Earth-like Planets Exist?

  Transcript: Our planet is pretty amazing.  It’s the only planet in our solar system capable of sustaining complex life.  There may be microbial life on planetary bodies like Mars or even Venus; and on moons like Europa and Titan. But most scientists are convinced that complex life requires a planet with Earth-like characteristics.  So, […]

Distributed Digital Democracy

  I have been working with the theory of human metasystem transition theory (HMST) and the paradigm of global brain (GB) for quite sometime now.  This theory and paradigm is directing my research and affirming my belief that we need new institutions for the 21st century.  I think the most important institution we need to […]

Extending the Mind

Do you want to travel through the depths of space and time? Do you want to journey to the edge of the universe and back again? If so, it’s a good thing you’re a human, because that is exactly what the human mind allows you to do! Our species is uniquely unique precisely because we […]

Origin of Life

  Transcript: You and I have something fundamental in common.  We are both ALIVE.  We also both surrounded by an uncountable variety and quantity of living forms.  Scoop up a clump of dirt, and you are likely carrying more bacteria than there are humans on planet Earth. Because bacteria are so abundant, ubiquitous, and invisible […]