About Us

Human evolution is an interesting topic to almost everyone. It’s about how our race came to be. Just like with any other hot-seat topic, you can expect there are contrasting views and theories. The Scientific theory of evolution, advanced by scientists Charles Darwin more than 100 years ago, remains to be one of the most universally accepted explanations. Different religions, cultures, and ethnicities have their own take on the origin of the human race too.

TheAdvancedApes.org is a special group of individuals who take a keen interest in human evolution. We are passionate about the various transformations (at least according to the scientific theory) that ancient members of the human race underwent before we got to where we are. We are very fascinated about exploring this topic, and do so at every chance. In addition to establishing this blog, the 3 members who started this site publish on forums, discussions and any other platform that focuses on the subject of human evolution.

How we started

Steve, Tim, and Mike – that’s the initial team behind TheAdvancedApes.org. We launched this site after a heated discussion in our Boston college room, and decided to come up with a forum (however small) where we could share various insights. The articles published on this site might be done by any one of us.

Let’s explore the primates. Let’s unearth our ancient history, and the milestone of human development.