The State of Things

African great ape populations are facing several anthropogenic threats (e.g., hunting, disease transmission, habitat loss).  A recent study has revealed that habitat loss may be the most critical and is a far larger threat than previously believed by experts.  If the rate of habitat loss continues to increase, the African great apes may not see 2100. 

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin pt. 1

Intellectuals have been discussing the idea of biological evolution for much longer than is generally believed.  Evolutionary thought has its roots in ancient Eurasian intellectual traditions and was widely discussed for centuries before the rise of Christianity.

Can There Be Another Jane Goodall?

Charles Darwin, Louis Leakey and Jane Goodall are all evolutionary pioneers and intellectual pillars of contemporary evolutionary thought.  However, their discoveries and contributions to the various evolutionary fields were uniquely historically contingent.  Is it possible for any modern day evolutionary academics to make comparable breakthroughs?  

Meeting With Jane

Jane Goodall has been a tremendous influence to me academically.  Her research inspired me to study chimpanzees, learn about human evolution and attempt to make a career for myself in academia.  Recently I had a chance to meet and speak with her and it was once of the most memorable events in my life  

Global Religiosity

A recent global religiosity and atheism survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center.  The results indicate that overall religious belief is declining and atheism is growing.  However, most humans on the planet still adhere to a religion and that belief seems to be dependent on a number of predictable variables.

Creationism in Public Schools

Creationism is still commonly taught in biology classrooms throughout North America.  Several states teach it ‘along side’ evolution.  What role should religion play in public school?  And specifically how should biology teachers approach creationist philosophy in class?

Presidential Candidates on Science

The 2012 American presidential candidates frequently discuss economic and social issues.  However, they are very rarely made to discuss the most important scientific issues of the day, despite the fact that our future as a species depends on scientific literacy and competence.  In a recent science debate the two candidates discussed their thoughts on major issues like climate change, space flight and internet control.

A World With More Than One Human Species

For most of our species existence we shared this planet with other humans (i.e., Neaderthals, Denisova).  They co-existed in many regions throughout Eurasia for tens of thousands of years.  What was their relationship like?  And what would our world look like today if there were more than one human species?